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Concept Modeling is the art, science, and philosophy of perfecting ideas, films, technologies & businesses.

Understanding Concept Modeling

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About Concept Modeling Services

Ideas and concepts are different. In fact, they operate in two separate, radically different worlds that few have been taught to distinguish. One carries the “surface layer” and “whole” of the idea. The other, deeper layer carries essence, the structure of essence. and the activity of essence. Concept Modeling is about the art, science and philosophy that is concept. It is the missing discipline and here is the place to learn about that discovery made on February 6, 1989 by Winston Perez.


Winston works with studios,writers, producers & directors creating FILM CONCEPT MODELS, that define & explore the deeper layers underneath films. The glue that perfects them.


Our transformational work focuses on perfecting technologies, saving time and money by honing in on what many leave to chance or gut feel: the concepts underneath the idea.


“It’s all in the Execution” is the buzz phrase in Technology. But execution of a bad idea… is a BAD idea. We are changing the way businesses think about ideas.

Management Concept Models

What worked for Steve Jobs or Jack Welch as their management style may not work for you. We work with high-level executives and CEOs to develop 100% customized Management Concept Models. Unique in business. So powerful. So personalized. So effective. C-Level execs love it.

What Clients Say


Real life examples of work done

get_healthy_imageCLIENT: Concept modeled MyTrak’s technology, which at the time was re-branding its product, calling it the SLIMCOACH, for The Biggest Loser TV Show. 

CONCEPT MODEL: Concept Modeling work on the product – central concepts at its heart – which also led to an array of strategies and ideas for the future of the technology as well as the business. Technology must service a concept, not the other way around. Developed the concept of “body talk” – these types of technologies are they way your body can “talk” to you.

IMPACT: One technological concept coming out of the modeling was called “Body Tech-knowledgy.” We created the word “knowledgy” to capture the core idea that this tech gives its consumer knowledge about their body. Concept is different than marketing, since concept has to do with essence, not how you package that essence. Thus, that concept was later called “Smart Body Technology” within the advertising used for the product on The Biggest Loser TV show’s website – a more user friendly term.

UVS-1CLIENT: Concept work on NBCUniversal Studios’ cutting edge film production project, UVS-1, in the service the visionary management and technical talent – capturing their great vision. Concept Modeling captured various elements of this forward-step into advanced film making technologies, all captured under one studio production stage.

CONCEPT MODEL: Concept Model focused on capturing the conceptual backbone of the project. With any cutting edge tech there are new concepts buried in the technology and process – some impact design and execution, others impact marketing. The work was housed in concept presentation tool, concept explanations and database-capture of all of the technologies brought together. It spun out to marketing tools as well.

IMPACT: This quote is from the driving visionary executive: “UVS-1 represented a giant leap forward in production technology for the studio. Given that it was a multi-million dollar project, it was important for us to capture, breakdown and communicate all the elements that made the technology unique. The Concept Modeling work captured the conceptual backbone of the project, which made UVS-1 accessible to internal stakeholders and external audiences unfamiliar with this new cutting edge tech. It was a great experience.”

film_script_image_to_use_CLIENT: A major studio film project: A reboot of a classic film. Other attempts at the reboot were unsuccessful. This example has been a reoccurring process/result with other film projects as well.

CONCEPT MODEL: Produced a 150+ paged Film Concept Model that captured source material, previous failed attempts, various scripts and source material, including the original film. Before the presentations there was the challenging question of how this concept-based modeling would be received by studio executives unfamiliar with concept modeling work… read on… read impact.

IMPACT: Success with executives. Concept modeling helped transformed the direction of the project going forward. This work reset project on a new, deeper creative footing. Modeling corrected hidden major issues, defects and content opportunities within the current project. New script was developed leveraging concepts presented. Movie is slated for production and release. More on those developments later…so stay tuned for announcements.

CLIENT: Atomic Studios Project done on revolutionary technology at the service of a great production and internet marketing company, Atomic Studios. Technology is used to analyze and capture deep-rooted insights to consumer behavior and buying habits. How consumer really think about products, services etc…

CONCEPT MODELING: Concept model broke down deeper, core elements that made the technology work.

The technology, called a Sensory Deprivation Tank allows marketers to conduct research on consumers’ mind set with a deep psychological dive into the key factors effecting a consumer’s buying decisions.

IMPACT: Quote from owner: “The quality and insight garnered by the concept modeling was fantastic. It gave us insight and practical tools to enhance our marketing and presentation efforts. It became a guide to our future. We were amazed at the super high-end presentation, which surpassed our expectations.”

– Phil Guye President, Atomic Studios

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Concept Modeling uses a proprietary discovery, analysis and development process to perfect ideas. This process is housed in customize concept model presentations. We also develop executable tools and roadmaps for management to guide their film, idea, business, technology, science project, or Media IP.

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